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Team Culture = "FAMILY"

Taylor Skjordal  2016-2020

Grafton, ND

Being a part of the Mayville State Women's Basketball team, is like being a part of a family.  It is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.  Being a part of the Comet Women's Basketball Team means that you will be surrounded by players and coaches that care very much about each other, about the team and also about the success of the team both on and off the floor.   When you are a part of a family, you are part of a group of players and coaches where no one player or coach is more important than anyone else.  

The culture of the Comets is built around the idea of "Effort & Attitude".  Effort comes from giving your very best no matter what you are doing both on and off the floor.  Attitude comes in the idea of a "team first" and "coachable" attitude.  Effort & Attitude are discussed daily both on and off the floor in the Comets Basketball Program. Effort and attitude are the two things that you can always control both on and off the floor.  

Relationships are the foundation as to which our program is built upon.  Player to player relationships, coach to player relationships as well as coach to coach relationships are the types of relationships that are focused on. Within all of our relationships we would like all of them to be sound, solid and healthy.  All of our relationships are maintained through a high level of mutual respect for each other.  These high level relationships allow our team members to hold each other to very high level of accountability both on and off the floor.

If you decide to come to Mayville State to play basketball not only will we help you become a better player.  We will help you become a better student and person as well.  Playing in our program will help you grow as a person both on and off the floor.  You will also hopefully develop some relationships with teammates that will last a lifetime, and also achieve a lifetime of experiences as well.  Lets "Continue the Tradition"!!!!

"Raise the Level"

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