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The Mayville State Women’s Basketball Team once again held their Overnight Team Camp this past week, and it was a success.  The Comets hosted 24 teams from both Minnesota and North Dakota for the week.  The week is broken down into two camps.  The first session starts on Monday afternoon and ends Wednesday morning, and the second session starts on Wednesday afternoon and ends Friday morning.  All in all, the Comets hosted over 230 high school campers and over 40 high school coaches on Mayville State’s campus.  A great time was had by all.   

This unique camp was created to try and give high school teams, players and coaches the chance to attend a team camp and play more than just games.  The teams are involved in a variety of activities both on and off the floor that hopefully help in their development of the type of team they would like to be for this upcoming season.  The high school teams participate in five 5 on 5 games over the course of two days.  There is also two team skill sessions.  One devoted to ball handling and one devoted to shooting and post play.  The camp also features a “Championship Night”, where the top FT shooter and 3-point shooter from each team “shoot off” in front of the camp to determine our Camp Champion in both events.  The teams are also involved in “off the floor” activities that hopefully help with their team development.  There is a “Team Talk”, where the teams, players and coaches discuss what it means to try and be a great teammate to help their team be the best team it can be.  Finally, the camp’s second day ends with our “Team Skit” night.  Each team performs a skit in front of the campers.  This has turned into the hi lite of the camp, as we have had some AWESOME skits this past week.  The camp tries to pack as much basketball and team stuff as possible into a 45-hour window.  There is also a coaches clinic on the first night, where the Mayville State players workout and show coaches ideas and drills on the floor that they can potentially take away and use with their teams, if they so desire. 

The camp is also a great opportunity for the Mayville State WBB Team.  The players were AMAZING this past week.  They are heavily involved with the camp and are the main reason for the success of the camp.  Basically, the entire team is here for the duration of the week.  The players officiate games, lead skill sessions and team talks.  The players conduct the team skits, and occasionally jump in and play.  The players also help conduct a coach’s clinic on the first night of each session by working out for the coaches and players and then having an open gym.  This is the “kickoff” to the Comets 2023-24 season, and they started it off “right” 

Thanks to all the teams and coaches who attended and participated.  Thanks to all our Mayville State WBB players for all of their effort and attitude this past week as well.  Also, a big “thank you” to the staff at Mayville State for all of their behind the scenes work to make this camp happen for an entire week. 

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